Episode I

Dan was an average loser on the brink of a meltdown. His rampant alcoholism and drug addiction have turned his life into a chaotic mess, and nothing seemed to ever go right for him. Then, one morning, he awakens to find that the world around him has fallen apart.
Earth has passed through the tail of a mysterious comet that scientists call Wormwood, and a strange, toxic mist has descended from the sky. People everywhere begin dying off in record numbers, and those who have survived seem to have completely lost their minds, or have walled themselves up in their homes.
Amid the chaos, Dan has to get it together and use everything he has learned in his life just to survive. With his addictions controlling his every decision, he will have to fight his inner demons if he is to live through Wormwood Dawn.
Episode II

Dan and Drew continue their quest for survival in the chaotic new world. Having gained a little more knowledge and weaponry, the two strike out to prepare for the coming winter, and secure their base of operations. In the process, they discover a few frightening things about the former occupants of their neighborhood, and the surprising existence of another person who has faced the apocalypse with a startling indifference.
Communicating via the bulletin board system, Dan meets another survivor not far away who would make a valuable third addition to their little group. His knowledge of obscure things, and seeming preparedness leads Dan to believe that he is needed.
Deciding to scoop him up in an impromptu rescue mission, the two travel north. Along the way, they discover the desolation that has been left by not only the infection, but an ongoing conflict between a paramilitary group, and the surviving US Armed Forces.
As the world continues to crumble around them, new challenges, and shocking discoveries will test their strength and unity. Only by teaming up with their new ally, and making it safely back home, can Dan and Drew hope to survive.
Episode III

On a routine trip to gather supplies in a nearby town, the trio picks up another member who adds a much-needed contrast to their own personalities. His skills and attitude will round out the group, bringing them all closer together and making survival a little easier--and much more interesting.
Disturbed by a few startling revelations they find during their scouring, Dan begins to probe into the notebooks discovered at a previous looting spree in order to find answers. His quest for the truth brings shocking revelations that make the end of the world even stranger and more horrifying than it was before.
This third installment of Wormwood Dawn will shatter the age old formula and drive the Apocalypse into a dark, and terrifying direction that knows no bounds.
Episode IV

After an intense battle with Gephardt security forces, Dan awakens to find himself trapped in a nightmare beyond belief. He is the pawn in a strange and macabre game, subjected to unspeakable horrors and torture, all put on by a familiar psychopath who has undergone some... changes.
Dan must play along with his twisted and demented captor's game long enough to escape and find his friends. Only by enduring the pain of addiction, the horrors of a new breed of infected, and the torturous days of solitude, can Dan hope to ever see Drew, Jake, and Vincent again.
Can he survive Hell long enough?
Episode V

As Dan and Drew flee the chaos of the big city and head south, their road will take them to a small town with a horrifying secret. There, they encounter another survivor held prisoner by the townsfolk, and must fight their way out. Along the way, a shocking truth is revealed, leading them to believe that the mutant horrors were only the beginning.

Those who perished in the initial infection begin to rise from the dead. New creatures are among them that are even more terrifying than before. Their new companion, an ex-military specialist, leads them to a nearby camp where a small group of survivors have gathered for mutual safety. But is it as safe as its residents believe? Will the two of them fit in?
Episode VI

Jake and his new companion make their way to Nashville, Indiana, where Jake believes he may reunite with his friends. Along the way, he and Toni, a tough former physical trainer wielding a pair of .44 Magnums, get to know each other as they try to survive the dangerous journey.

Back at the camp, Dan and Drew enlist the technical skills of genius Max, and head out to gather supplies that the group will need to make their new home a bit more livable. Little do they know, that trouble is about to rear its ugly head in their absence. While they face dangers of their own, it is up to the remainder of the group to survive new horrors in their absence, including the unlikely return of a former enemy.

New creatures, new characters, and new revelations pack this sixth episode of Wormwood Dawn.
Episode VII

While the group is engaged in diverting a massive horde of the infected from overrunning the camp, a fragment of the Wormwood Comet slams into the Earth. Though the impact distracts the horde, the entire Midwest eventually falls under the cover of darkness.
Without the sun's warming rays, the group is plunged into an arctic cold. Their solar array is no longer effective, and they must battle the elements to solve their new dilemma.
Meanwhile, new creatures begin to emerge from the forest, bringing them more problems and danger. To make matters worse, one of the group may have been infected, and it is only a matter of time before the unthinkable happens.
Episode VIII

The group returns home to find that Toby has gone missing. Thinking he went out to look for his mother, Dan orders a search of the area. Not far away, an explosion suddenly lights up the frozen forest, and the group finds the smoldering debris of a chopper crash, and two survivors.

When Toby awakens, he discovers that his frightening rescuer is a bizarre and eccentric oddity with a surreal collection of pets. Unsure of the man's intentions, Toby plays along until he can find a way to escape and rejoin his friends.

Meanwhile, in the dark and macabre underground zoo, the ultimate lifeform begins to stir in its sleep. Its presence is a bane to all life around it, and even its captor fears its dark and vile nature.
Episode IX

After a routine supply run ends in tragedy, Dan begins to question his skills as leader. Seeking to clear his head, he wanders off on his own. He awakens in what seems to be a peaceful setting, but is soon reminded of the state of the world when he is reacquainted with an old "friend".

Dan and his group suddenly find themselves on the radar of another group; one whose intentions and lifestyle are a danger to all who stand in their way. In order to keep his friends safe, Dan must lead an expedition to retrieve three of them from the grasp of this new enemy. He will soon discover that the mutant horrors that walk the earth are not the only things to fear. Sometimes the worst monsters are other survivors.
Episode X

The group finds an abandoned house in a secluded area of the forest. There, they regroup and gather supplies, contemplating their next move. Having found a HAM radio, Max and Travis attempt to make contact with the outside world, and learn that another piece of the comet has impacted somewhere overseas. Strange things have also been sighted around the world, but their contact is cut short with few details.
Meanwhile, Enoch continues to search for them, vowing to take revenge for the death of his brother. The group must decide whether to stay and fight, or to flee for their lives.
Little does anyone know, that the house's previous occupant is still around, lurking in the shadows, bringing a startling revelation that both fascinates and sickens Dan and his friends. They will learn shocking secrets about the new lifeforms, and face a familiar species that they have faced in the past.
Wormwood Dawn's tenth and possibly final installment will both shock you and drive you to tears as the story comes full circle and certain members of the group learn their fates.
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